Thursday, September 13, 2012

Toll Collection with cost as no object

How can you not love the Maryland Administration of Governor O'Malley?

After light was shed on the millions of dollars in tolls that were going uncollected by the Maryland Toll Facilities, the Executive Director explained that it was less than 2% of the total tolls and was receiving appropriate attention.

What a difference a day makes. Toll collection - part 2.

Now, this a top priority! Everybody is focused. The full force of the State will be brought to bear.

Cost is no object.

Friends don't let friends vote alone

Recent pools have shown the President opening a lead in the race for the Presidency.

Public perceptions of the candidates are largely created by media reporting. In 2008, as now, there seems to be a tilt in reporting that favors the President. But there are far more sources of information, a new media, available, that counters the mainstream media sources.

Politico reports that Facebook’s efforts to encourage users to vote drove more than 300,000 voters across the U.S. to the polls in November 2010, according to a new study. Facebook study.

The 2010 elections were decidedly contrary to the President's needs, yet, without him on the ticket, the mainstream media found it difficult to use him to influence elections. Democrats were left to create yard signs bearing Obama's name, directing people to vote. The results suggest people were confused when his name didn't appear on the ballot.

If your friends, and your friends friends see a message directing them to vote, and they know who you are voting for, they may show up at the polls and vote with you.

One party votes early and often. You and your friends, should vote first, then post early and often.

How much, indeed!

During the millionaire tax debates, the President asked, "How much money do you need?"

Reports in the press indicate that The president has been skipping his morning intelligence briefings in the week before the attacks on American and Swiss (America's friend in unfriendly countries) Embassies. Four Americans, without security details, were murdered.

The president was criticized by his opponent. The president responded in an interview with Steve Kroft that Romney was wrong to make the issue a political one. He added, "It seems that Mr. Romney sometimes shoots, then aims."

In the aftermath of the killings, with more demonstrations today, the President is campaigning on the Southwest, raising money for his attempt at a $1B campaign.

It is time to get to work, President Obama!

After all, how much money do you need.

Obama Administration - It's not our fault. Again

From Politico's Huddle, 9/13/2012 - SINGLE STAFFER PENNED CAIRO EMBASSY STATEMENT - Josh Rogin writes at Foreign Policy's The Cable blog: "One staffer at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was responsible for the statement and tweets Tuesday that have become grist for the presidential campaign, and that staffer ignored explicit State Department instructions not to issue the statement, one U.S. official close to the issue told The Cable. ... The statement, issued as a press release on the U.S. Embassy website, has been attacked by Republican challenger Mitt Romney, lawmakers, and conservatives around the country as an inappropriate 'apology' and a failure to stand up for American principles such as freedom of speech. The White House distanced itself from the statement Tuesday, and Romney criticized it directly in his initial reaction to the attacks in Egypt and Libya shortly thereafter, accusing President Barack Obama of evincing sympathy for the attackers."

DNC - It's the other guys fault. Again

From Politico 9/13/2012:
THE DNC apologizes (and blames a vendor) for displaying images of Russian naval ships during last week's convention:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Next Bailout: Public Campaign Finance

In the 2008 Presidential Election cycle, Barack Obama told us that he would limit his campaign funding to the Public Presidential Campaign Financing Plan.

The record reflects that he, um, misspoke.

As President, he pushed for bailouts for that segment of the economy that had overextended itself to the point of bankruptcy.

Now, we find a new segment of the economy, Incumbent Presidential Campaigns, vying for a bailout.

Maybe we will create a new, unprecedented bailout for campaigns that are too large to fail.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Did the Republicans force Obama to house his campaign in Chi-town?

Found - this lament in Politico’s Playbook of 7/20/2012:

ELEVATOR FODDER - "'Chicago' sinister word in campaign: Romney camp invokes a style of politics long associated with the city - cutthroat," by Bob Secter and Rick Pearson : "Republicans this election season have been attacking 'Chicago-style politics' with relish ... With Chicagoan Barack Obama in the White House and his hometown famed for cutthroat politics, it was perhaps inevitable that rivals would seize on guilt by geography to try to discredit him. The city's latest star turn as GOP villain began in recent days as Mitt Romney ... fumed while Democrats intensified attacks on his finances, tax returns and record as a private equity manager. 'Chicago-style politics at its worst,' the former Massachusetts governor and Bain Capital owner declared in a refrain quickly picked up by his campaign surrogates."

It seems that no one in Obamaland saw a problem with putting HQ in the city that brought us Rezko, Blagojevich and the Godfather of Democratic national Committee Convention public receptions, Richard J. Daly.